Stick It In The Book

Stick It In The Book

Stick It In The Book

Hello, WOGALAND! This Is Mike At Work On WOGA.

Fascinating Conversation And Blatant Honesty
Take Place In Three Places. The Beauty Parlor,
The Barbershop, And The Supermarket Checkout Line.

Yesterday, While Patiently Waiting To Purchase
My “20 Items Or Less,” I Heard A Fellow Shopper Say …
“I Wish These Stores Offered S&H Green Stamps!”

That Outburst Instantly Transported ME To My Youth.
Sitting Around The Kitchen Table With My Parents,
I Was Given The RESPONSIBILITY To Glue Our
S&H Green Stamps In The Books. Months Later We
Would Make A Trip To The S&H Green Stamps STORE
To Exchange Them For Household Goods We Never
Could Have Lived Without. Or So We Thought.

One Day My Dad Said … “Mikey, You’ve Done Such
A Great Job Helping Us With All These Sticky Stamps,
YOU Get To Select Something YOU Would Like
From The S&H Green Stamps Store CATALOG!”

Wow! Decision Time For This Kid..
Would It Be The Erector Set? A New Baseball Glove?
Or … The RADIO? It Was A No Brainer Even Then.
And I STILL Have It.

This RCA Clock Radio Was My ONE And ONLY
Redemption. And It Continues Working To This Very Day.
Thank You “Sperry And Hutchinson” … Developers
Of S&H Green Stamps. You Helped INSPIRE
A Career Decision For A Young Lad Many Yeas Ago.


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