Mansfield Street??

Mansfield Street??

Mansfield Street??

Hello, WOGALAND! This Is Mike At Work On WOGA.

“Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign”

THAT Lyric From A Hit Song By The Five Man Electrical
Band I Played Yesterday On WOGA Reminded Me Of A
Thought I Have Rattled Around In MY Head For YEARS.

In ALL Of WOGALAND I Cannot Ever Recall Seeing
A Street Sign For MANSFIELD. We Have Wellsboro Street,
Tioga Street, And Many Other Streets And Roads Named
For Historic Boroughs And Towns In North Central
Pennsylvania. But Not MANSFIELD.

Did I Miss Something In My High School Geography
Or Civics Class? My Drivers Education Class Took Me
ALL OVER Tioga County (PA) While Learning The Rules
Of The Road. Never Did I Stop At A Stop Sign On

IS There Such A Street, Boulevard, Road, Lane, Alley,
Or Avenue Out There In WOGALAND?


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