Iron Maiden Sues a Video Game!?

Iron Maiden Sues a Video Game!?

Iron Maiden Sues a Video Game!?

At WOGA, we love music– and video games! From Pong and Pacman, to Space Invaders and Super Mario. This week in the news, the two– music and video games– collided in a major lawsuit.

The iconic English metal band Iron Maiden has filed a $2 million lawsuit against a video game company for trademark infringement over a video game named “Ion Maiden.”

Not only, the band claims, is the game’s name nearly identical to the band’s name, but there are other similarities, as well. The game’s main protagonist is named Shelly Harrison. The band’s lead singer.. Steve Harris.

Apparently, even some of the in-game weapons are similar to logos used by the band. The game creation studio, 3D Realms, which has created other iconic shooting games, like Duke Nukem and Max Payne, claims that they will continue to work on their game, Ion Maiden, “to deliver the best possible experience later this year.”

This isn’t the first time an 80s metal band would sue over trademark infringement. Earlier this year, Guns N’ Roses sued a beer company for making a brew called, Guns ‘N’ Rosé.


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