“I Know It’s Here SOMEWHERE”

“I Know It’s Here SOMEWHERE”

“I Know It’s Here SOMEWHERE”

Ever Have That Sinking Feeling You Have Misplaced
FOREVER Something Very Important To You?
A Long Time Ago, While Searching Through What
Was Left Of My Vinyl Record Collection, I Paused
In TERROR To Realize A Cherished Part Was Gone.

THIS. My Almost Mint Condition Copy Of Allegedly
The Very First Beatles Album Issued In The USA.
“Introducing The Beatles” Was A Gift From My Mother
In 1964 Or 1965. A RARE Version Initially Released On
VEE JAY Records. Prior To The Beatles Signing
Their Contract With Capitol Records And Their Music
Exploding With Worldwide Exposure.

Every So Often I Try A Technique Suggested By My
Grandmother YEARS AGO … And That Is To,
As She Said, “Walk BACKWARDS In My Mind.”
A Method To Assist Me Locate Whatever Has Vanished.
Sorry, Nana. I’m Still Stumbling On That Journey.

Fortunately, I Get To Play The Huge Library Of Beatles
Classic Songs Weekdays From 10AM To 3PM With
The Greatest Hits Of All Time On WOGA.


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