“Go With The Flow”

“Go With The Flow”

“Go With The Flow”

This Is Mike At Work On WOGA.

“Go With The Flow”

When Rain Falls On A Scenic Spot In North Central
Pennsylvania It Then Travels In Three Directions.
Streaming Its Way To The Gulf Of Mexico,
The Great Lakes, And The Chesapeake Bay.

This Is The Terrific Tale Of The Task Water Works
Near The Triple Continental Divide In Beautiful
Potter County Affectionately Known As “God’s Country.”

Take A Moment To See How H20 Will Go To Form Headwaters
Of The Allegheny River, The Genesee River, And Pine Creek.
It’s Not A Tacky Tourist Destination. Instead A Worthy Adventure
In Better Weather To Witness Where A TRICKLE Becomes
Wild And Wonderful Winding Waterways.

If You Click On The Video (in the link below) The Guide Mispronounces
“Genesee” Many, Many Times. The Geological Information
He Does Provide Is Factual And Fascinating.

You Can Bet We Will Be Packing A Picnic Lunch And Making
A Summer Road Trip To Gold, Pennsylvania, To Sight In This
Serene Site In Our AMAZING Keystone State.

Uncovering the Triple Continental Divide in Potter County, Pennsylvania


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