Make a list, and check it twice because you won’t believe the price! You get DOUBLE what you spend on the gift certificates here!


Barber’s Firearms@$12.50


Be-You-tiful Boutique@$25


Blue Stone Brewing@$25

Bryan’s Meats@$12.50

Clean Machine@$82.50

Colonial Inn@$12.50

CS Sports@$12.50

Fox’s Pizza@$12.50

From My Shelf@$25

Grand Canyon Vet@$25

Grand Canyon Vet@$50

Hoover Hardware@$12.50

Hoover Clothing@$12.50

Lee’s Country Kitchen@$12.50

Native Bagel@$12.50

New Moon Quipment@$25

Owlett’s Farm Store@$25

Pag Omar@$5

Patterson Farms@$12.50

Pine Creek Inn@$12.50

Sara Jo’s – Gas Cards@$12.50

Sara Jo’s – Subway@$12.50

S & B Flooring@$50


Ski Sawmill – Adult season@$199.50

Ski Sawmill – 2 student season@$174.50

Ski Sawmill – 2 hr tubing@$10

Ski Sawmill – lift tickets/Ski@$44

Ski Sawmill – lift tickets@$26.50

Wild Asaph@$25

YMCA – Adult@$53.85

YMCA – Family@$80.58

The phone lines open at 10AM on November 14th! First call, first served and when they are gone they are gone so call early!
Numbers to call: 570-463-4117     570-463-4118    570-463-4114    570-463-4115    570-724-1490