Springsteen’s Coming To Broadway

Springsteen’s Coming To Broadway

Springsteen’s Coming To Broadway

You heard right! Bruce Springsteen will be making his Broadway debut this October. According to his official website, the solo show simply and aptly titled “Springsteen on Broadway” will begin on October 3rd, with an official opening on October 12th. It sounds like Bruce will have a very busy schedule, with five solo performances scheduled per week through November 26th.

Wondering what form the show will take? Bruce says, “I wanted to do some shows that were as personal and as intimate as possible. I chose Broadway for this project because it has the beautiful old theaters which seemed like the right setting for what I have in mind. In fact, with one or two exceptions, the 960 seats of the Walter Kerr Theatre is probably the smallest venue I’ve played in the last 40 years. My show is just me, the guitar, the piano and the words and music. Some of the show is spoken, some of it is sung. It loosely follows the arc of my life and my work. All of it together is in pursuit of my constant goal to provide an entertaining evening and to communicate something of value.”

That sounds like an incredible show. We’re sure you don’t need to be convinced that Bruce Springsteen is a musical legend, but even we were surprised when we saw the full tally of his accolades. He has released 18 studio albums, been awarded a whopping TWENTY Grammy awards, as well as an Oscar and a permanent place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And now, he’s adding Broadway to his dazzling résumé.

Tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster on August 30th. No word yet on pricing, but it’s hard to put a number on such a unique experience. Pre-registration is available here.


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