Meet Our Team!

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

  • Nancy Plum
    Nancy Plum

    Nancy Plum has been heard on the air across the country from Chicago to Los Angeles and in the early 90s you may have heard her on a United Airlines flight hosting a popular music show in their sound system! She’s a total Beatles fan and loves all the music from that era along with the Rock and roll from the 70s. She promises a blue plate special everyday at your lunch break so check her out on WOGA!

  • Ryan Dalton
    Ryan Dalton

    Ryan Dalton of The Afternoon Stretch on WOGA is a Tioga County native. He loves working in radio, where he gets to have great conversations, live in his favorite place (Tioga County), and play a wide variety of music.

    Ryan also works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker, does some acting here and there, and still makes poetry-inspired music with his WOGA co-worker, Devin Howe. Join Ryan for great radio, fun conversations, and the greatest hits of all time. on The Afternoon Stretch with Ryan Dalton on WOGA! Listen 3 PM to 7 PM on Tioga County Radios at 92.3 FM, 93.5 FM, 1490 AM, and online via our mobile app!

  • Joe Benson
    Joe Benson

    Living Classic Rock from its very beginning — both on stage and on air since 1968 — music has been Joe Benson’s life. Whether playing it, talking with artists and fans about it or documenting it with his definitive UNCLE JOE’S RECORD GUIDES, his syndicated OFF THE RECORD rock star interview program and Uncle Joe’s Garage podcasts, Benson’s always been rocking!

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