Gene Simmons Will Hand-Deliver New “Vault” Set… For A Hefty Price

Gene Simmons Will Hand-Deliver New “Vault” Set… For A Hefty Price

Gene Simmons Will Hand-Deliver New “Vault” Set… For A Hefty Price

Classic rocker Gene Simmons of KISS fame has revealed that he intends to release a new “vault” package. According to the official Gene Simmons vault website, the vault is intended to be a sort of 50-year time capsule spanning from 1966 to 2016 and featuring both music and photos from the rocker’s illustrious career. It will repeatedly feature over 150 audio recordings, several of which have never been released before.

Gene, perhaps indulging his ego a teeny bit, has also opted to include a new Gene Simmons action figure as well as a commemorative coin reading “In Gene We Trust,” as well as a book with over 50,000 words, 160 pages of never before seen photographs from Gene’s personal collection, and even track-by-track commentary.

So the big question is, how can you get your hands on this incredible Vault package? There are a few different preorder packages set at a wide range of price points:

For a mere $2,000 you can attend one of several “Vault Experience” packages in a major city (it looks like the nearest to our listening area is in Philadelphia). This will include a meet and greet with Gene, a Q&A session, T-shirt, laminate pass, and various other goodies.

At a slightly heftier price of $25,000 you can spend an hour in the studio with Gene himself, listening to some of his favorite tracks from the vault, in addition to all of the above items. Your name will also be listed as an “executive producer.”

Finally, for a whopping $50,000, Gene will personally come to your home to deliver the package, then spend two hours hanging out with you and up to 25 of your closest pals! For the price, of course you receive all the various other goodies like shirts and laminates.

So if you’ve got several thousand dollars just sitting around and a desperate urge to party with a music legend, here’s your shot!


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