Def Leppard To Play All Of “Hysteria” On Upcoming Tour

Def Leppard To Play All Of “Hysteria” On Upcoming Tour

Def Leppard To Play All Of “Hysteria” On Upcoming Tour

Rock band Def Leppard will reportedly play their hit album, Hysteria, in its entirety on their upcoming 2018 tour. Just last week, the 12x platinum record celebrated its 30th anniversary, and it seems the band wants to celebrate that big milestone. is reporting that guitarist Phil Collen shared details during an interview with the 95.5 KLOS radio station in Los Angeles.

Collen was quoted as saying, “I know it’ll be next year, we’re gonna go on tour… We’re getting some offers to play the whole album all the way through. So, yeah, we’ll be doing that.” He further elaborated, “having an album like Hysteria is kind of like having a tattoo; you make that decision, and we lived this album pretty much every day of our lives since then… It’s an important statement by the band… and luckily for us it remains one.”

He couldn’t be more right. With enduring hits like “Love Bites,” “Armageddon It,” “Rocket,”and of course “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” the album was built to last. Following its 1987 release, the album spent an incredible ninety-six weeks (just shy of two whole years) in the US Top 40 charts. This record was matched only by Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. (Speaking of Bruce, we found out yesterday that he’ll be performing on Broadway this fall!)

There’s no word yet on tour dates or ticket prices, but we’ll be sure to share that information as soon as we’re able. In the meantime, Def Leppard has put together a short video series to look back at the album’s impact and announce a 30th anniversary version, executive produced by vocalist Joe Elliott. The reissue is available on CD and vinyl on the band’s official website.


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