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How to Calm Your Baby.. with Toto’s Africa

A YouTuber who runs the channel, Songs With My Daughter makes videos of himself playing multiple instruments to calm and entertain his baby. Here is his rendition of Toto’s “Africa,” played while he juggles a baby and several instruments! Cuteness and talent abound.

New Bob Seger Album Coming Next Month

Bob Seger, the brilliant musician behind hits like “Shakedown,” “Shame on the Moon,” and “Night Moves,” has announced that he’ll be releasing a new album on November 17th. The multi-platinum artist will call his new album I Knew You When. In a press release on his official website, Seger confirmed the album and release date, and […]

Foreigner Musical on the Way

Foreigner, one of the reigning champions of rock ‘n roll, have confirmed that their music is being adapted into a musical. The massively successful band has sold over 80 million records worldwide during the span of their four decade career, and the tunes that have been loved by audiences around the world for years will […]

New Interview With AC/DC’s Bon Scott Uncovered

Bon Scott, the electrifying Australian frontman for AC/DC’s first six studio albums, unfortunately passed away in 1980, while the band was riding the massive success of their Highway to Hell album. The groundbreaking rock album is hailed as a turning point in the band’s career, as it was the first time they entered the US Billboard […]

A Lego Ramones Set Might Be On The Way!

The LEGO company has an “ideas” section of their website, dedicated to receiving suggestions from their many creative fans around the world. The ideas pages are public, and those with registered LEGO accounts can choose to “support” a project, showing that they believe the project would be a popular and worthwhile addition to the LEGO […]

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