Camp Dost Recap: Much Needed Fun For Brave Young Cancer Patients

Camp Dost Recap: Much Needed Fun For Brave Young Cancer Patients

Camp Dost Recap: Much Needed Fun For Brave Young Cancer Patients

The final day of this year’s Camp Dost is wrapping up today in Millville, PA. Camp Dost, established in 1983, is a summer camp retreat dedicated to providing tons of fun summer activities in a safe environment for pediatric cancer patients. This is all made possible by sponsorship from the Ronald McDonald House of Danville, and the tireless efforts of the camp’s many volunteers. Many of the nurses and staff from Danville’s Geisinger Medical Center are involved with the camp. They’ve built a beautiful and supportive community, all tied together by their shared experiences dealing with cancer.

The camp opened on Sunday, and campers spent the week enjoying rope climbing, swimming, arts & crafts, biking, fishing, ziplining, and plenty more. The amazing thing about Camp Dost is that the wonderful campers who have spent so much time dealing with hardship are able to kick back, relax, put their worries aside, and just focus on being kids. Everyone there knows exactly what they’re going through, and this allows them to form bonds like no other. The word “dost” is Hindi for “friend,” a fitting name for a camp that helps to create lifelong friendships.

Our own Ryan Dalton and Devin Howe of WOGA were invited to co-host and DJ the closing night’s dance party, and we had an absolute blast. The many lively souls and smiling faces that we saw truly touched us. These kids, with the help of a massive support network of doctors, nurses, camp counselors, and loving siblings, have faced (and in some cases, are still facing) some of the toughest circumstances life has to offer, and come through with their heads held high. The beautiful, innocent energy exuded by these young people was like nothing we’ve experienced before, and we’re so glad we were able to be a part of their special night.

To learn more about Camp Dost, and to volunteer or donate, click here to visit their official website.


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