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And the Winner of The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is…

WOGA loves animals.. especially the so-ugly-they’re-cute ones! The annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest was held Saturday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. The winner was a bulldog named Zsa Zsa, who came with her owner Megan Brainard all the way from Anoka, Minnesota, to enter the competition. Zsa Zsa won a $1,500 cash prize. […]

WOGA invites you to Win Tickets to Knoebels!!

WOGA invites you to Win Tickets to Knoebels Amusement Resort! A day of family fun could be yours! Register today at The Green Barn Berry Farm in Muncy or The YMCA in Mansfield. No purchase necessary! Win a Pair of Tickets to Knoebels Amusement Resort with WOGA! 92 – 93 – and 1490! For more […]

Hasbro Just Officially Trademarked the Smell of Play-Doh

What’s that smell wafting at WOGA? It’s the smell of Play-Doh.. Being trademarked. Toy maker Hasbro announced it has trademarked one of the most recognizable aspects of one of its most iconic products: the smell of Play-Doh. The Pawtucket, Rhode Island, company announced Friday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially recognized the distinctive Play-Doh […]

1980s Nintendo Fans Rejoice! The NES Classic Returns (Again)!

Nintendo has announced that they will put that 8-bit nostalgia in the palm of your hands this summer, with the return of the NES Classic! Nintendo has promised that this time they’ve manufactured enough of the 1985-throwback consoles that they won’t sell out in minutes like they did last fall. The 30 thirty-year-old games loaded […]

Bowie and Queen’s Under Pressure A Cappella (vocals only)!

We’ll never know all the facts about the time Freddie Mercury and David Bowie squeezed both of their egos into a recording studio, but we found a real gem at WOGA the other day: The a capella (vocals only) to the international hit song, Under Pressure! According to myth and legend, one day in 1981 […]