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Announcing the Mansfield Destroyers Baseball Team!!

EXCITING SPORTS NEWS IN WOGALAND:   “We are proud to announce the Mansfield Destroyers baseball team that will be based in Mansfield, PA and will be competing in the New York Collegiate Baseball League for their 2019 Inaugural season.”   Don Lewis, the President/Owner- and former co-owner of the Elmira Pioneers baseball club for seven […]


A former children’s home in Liverpool that was the inspiration for the Beatles’ 1967 hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” is set to open to the public. After some upcoming renovations, the site will serve as a tourist attraction and support center for youth with learning disabilities. A young John Lennon would climb over the wall at Strawberry […]

The 1980s Captain of the USS Enterprise Returns to Star Trek!

The Captain of the USS Enterprise in the 1980s is returning to Star Trek! That’s right.. Sir Patrick Stewart will reprise the role of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new Star Trek series on CBS All Access. The exact plot details are being kept mostly under wraps, though the series is said to tell the story of […]

How Much Media Do We Consume? (Radio vs TV vs Phone vs Internet)

Normally the numbers can be the most boring part of media.. But at WOGA, we found this report quite interesting! The latest numbers (from Nielsen) show that on average American adults spend 11.1 hours every day consuming media, up 19 minutes over the previous quarter. The breakdown is even more interesting, and maybe not what […]

The 1986 Animated Film Transformers: The Movie is Returning to Theaters!

WOGA is excited to revisit one of the great 80s cartoons, as the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie is returning to theaters for one night in September! The remastered and restored film has been transferred to HD, and will show at more than 500 U.S. theaters on September 27. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (August 3). Watch […]