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A Stuffed Toy Dog and Its Job on the International Space Station

A stuffed toy dog gets to float around on the International Space Station as a sweet reminder of home. Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov posted a photo of the critter on Twitter Wednesday: Shkaplerov’s cousin made the small poodle, which features a classic poofy-legged haircut, and modeled it after the astronaut’s family dog. The cosmonaut’s daughter […]

Amazing 3-D Effect on a 2-D YouTube Video!

Here’s a fun experiment we did in the WOGA studios! All you need is a pair of sunglasses. Just watch this video and follow the instructions: keeping both eyes open, cover your right eye with the sunglasses, and leave your left eye without sunglasses. The amazing 3-D effect that you’ll see- a scientific phenomenon- is explained by […]

Pennsylvania Weather Records

In light of the extreme cold weather in our area, our state, and the east coast in general, we decided to look up the records lows for Pennsylvania. According to Wikipedia, the Keystone State record low is −42 °F, recorded in nearby Smethport on January 5, 1904. The record high was recorded near Philadephia, in Phoenixville on July 9 […]

Ringo Starr and Barry Gibb Knighted in Queen’s New Year Honors List

[via CNN] Ringo Starr, best known as the drummer for The Beatles, and Barry Gibb of the BeeGees were knighted by Queen Elizabeth in her 2018 New Year honors list. Ringo Starr, 77, whose real name is Richard Starkey, is the second Beatle to be knighted, two decades after Paul McCartney. Disco rocker, Barry Gibb, who […]

WOGA’s Christmas Across the Lands – 36 hours of Christmas Music!

Spend Christmas Across the Lands with WOGA. A very special, non-stop Christmas Radio Special. Beginning Christmas Eve at Noon on WOGA and continuing through Christmas Night at Midnight. Christmas Across the Lands takes you to Happy Holiday Stories, Traditions, Trivia, and your favorite Christmas music! WOGA Brings the magic of the holiday home to you. It’s our […]

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