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The Best Products for The Big Game

Thinking about getting a new TV for Sunday’s game, or maybe just want to know what the best popcorn might be? Here’s some recommended items WOGA compiled for the consumer in preparation for THE BIG GAME on Sunday! Enjoy these recommendations and enjoy the football game! • Television — says the 55-inch TCL 55P607 is the best for […]

The Good People of WOGALAND (Giveaway)!

WOGA knows you know Good People in WOGALAND. Neighbors, friends, and family member who are Really Special. WOGA wants to honor A GOOD MAN, A GOOD WOMAN, A GOOD KID, and A GOOD GRANDPARENT. On our WOGA Facebook Page Comments Section, briefly tell us about a Good Person in Your Life. Mention their First Name […]

A Stuffed Toy Dog and Its Job on the International Space Station

A stuffed toy dog gets to float around on the International Space Station as a sweet reminder of home. Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov posted a photo of the critter on Twitter Wednesday: Shkaplerov’s cousin made the small poodle, which features a classic poofy-legged haircut, and modeled it after the astronaut’s family dog. The cosmonaut’s daughter […]

Amazing 3-D Effect on a 2-D YouTube Video!

Here’s a fun experiment we did in the WOGA studios! All you need is a pair of sunglasses. Just watch this video and follow the instructions: keeping both eyes open, cover your right eye with the sunglasses, and leave your left eye without sunglasses. The amazing 3-D effect that you’ll see- a scientific phenomenon- is explained by […]