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Artist Paints Gregg Allman... Using Allman's Blood | WOGA

Artist Paints Gregg Allman… Using Allman’s Blood

Artist Paints Gregg Allman… Using Allman’s Blood

Artist Paints Gregg Allman… Using Allman’s Blood

Surrealist painter Vincent Castiglia created a beautiful rendition of recently deceased musician Gregg Allman. That’s all fine and dandy, many famous people are replicated in art. But what sets this particular piece apart is the medium used to create the gorgeous illustration.

Rather than traditional paint, Castiglia opted to create the painting using Allman’s own blood. Yes, literally. Blood that once flowed through the veins of the musician was sent to Castiglia in vials (with Allman’s consent, thankfully!) where he used them to immortalize the musical great.

Castiglia explains in a post on his website that prints of the strange but beautiful painting will be included in the deluxe package and first vinyl run of Allman’s new posthumous album, hitting stores today. The album is fittingly titled Southern Blood. Last month, we shared the first song from the album. Now you can get your hands on the full album.

You can view the painting below, and if you can get past the unusual story behind it, it’s really a beautiful image.

via Vincent Castiglia official website

If you’d like to learn more about how the stunning painting was created, Yahoo! has an exclusive behind-the-scenes video!


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