A Lego Ramones Set Might Be On The Way!

A Lego Ramones Set Might Be On The Way!

A Lego Ramones Set Might Be On The Way!

The LEGO company has an “ideas” section of their website, dedicated to receiving suggestions from their many creative fans around the world. The ideas pages are public, and those with registered LEGO accounts can choose to “support” a project, showing that they believe the project would be a popular and worthwhile addition to the LEGO production catalog. If a project gains enough support, the LEGO company will consider actually producing (and licensing, if necessary) the featured idea.

That brings us to an interesting LEGO idea floating around the web today: A set featuring punk rock pioneers, The Ramones. Creator “Han Sbricksteen” (a clever pseudonym, we must assume) has clearly put a lot of thought into this idea. It goes beyond simple minifigures of well-known rockers Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy and Marky. The full set includes over 450 pieces total!

The proposed set would also feature LEGO instruments for the whole band to jam on, as well as an alleyway backdrop scene featuring a brick wall and gutters, as well as a dumpster and boombox with a couple tiles representing the band’s classic albums.

To view a mockup of the potential LEGO set, visit the Ideas page by clicking here.

If you’re interested in adding more classic hits and LEGOs to your life (we know we are!), you can view a Queen set by the same creator by clicking here.


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