Monthly Archive for: "June, 2017"

A Lego Ramones Set Might Be On The Way!

The LEGO company has an “ideas” section of their website, dedicated to receiving suggestions from their many creative fans around the world. The ideas pages are public, and those with registered LEGO accounts can choose to “support” a project, showing that they believe the project would be a popular and worthwhile addition to the LEGO […]

Watch an Entire Football Stadium Join in Tom Petty Tribute

The Florida Gators football team has tweeted a video featuring their fans joining in a massive sing-a-long as Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" blared over the football stadium's PA system. The Florida native unfortunately passed away this past week, and his fellow Floridians were eager to pay tribute to the beloved musician. This just goes to [...]

Hear “We Are The Champions” and “We Will Rock You” Like Never Before

A month ago, we shared the news that Queen would be releasing a 40th anniversary edition of their landmark¬†News of the World album. The physical release is still a little ways off (it’s coming in November), but the band has just shared previously unreleased “raw session” recordings of their massive hits “We Are The Champions” […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2018 Nominees Have Been Announced

The nominees for next year’s induction into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced! Some of our favorite artists here at WOGA are among the nominees! The biggest criteria for eligibility is that an artist must have released their debut more than 25 years previously. This means that the newest bands […]

Deep Purple Release “The Surprising” Animated Music Video

Just a few days ago, we shared the news that an audio recording of Deep Purple’s hit “Smoke on the Water” had been encoded in DNA to preserve it. That song’s iconic guitar riff is recognizable anywhere; it’s become a part of our culture. But did you know that the band is still producing hit […]